Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Dinner

Our Christmas Eve was pretty low key. I wanted to make a big traditional dinner, so I spent the afternoon at the grocery store and then spent the evening cooking. We invited our friend Jenny over but I try not to scare people away with my shutterbug leanings so the camera was not invited to dinner. Even the pictures of the food are snaps of leftovers :) Bobby and I made a pumpkin spice cake with pecan streusel first, and then I spent the next two or three hours in the kitchen. It was well worth the effort though and we all had a great evening. It might be a little late for such a suggestion, but making a Pandora station based around the music of "The Nutcracker" yielded the best holiday music to cook to and have playing in the background. So, file that away for next year. And now for some pictures...
Bobby played around with his fish eye lens while I cooked dinner.
It's like magic to me that it captures this much.
The main event- clockwise from top: squash and zucchini sauteed in garlic with black pepper and fresh sage; Celebration Roast seared in homemade balsamic dressing and topped with baby bellas sauteed in the same dressing; mashed red skinned potatoes with dill topped with homemade tarragon, marjoram, thyme, and sage gravy; "real" stuffing (the first time I went all out with celery/onions/fresh sage & parsley/veggie stock and baked it all instead of just using Stove top from a box); cranberry sauce; rosemary and olive oil ciabatta roll; carrots glazed in brown sugar.
We ate leftovers for three meals...
and I could have eaten them for even more than that.

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