Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Bobby and I opted to stay in Colorado for Christmas. We would have been stretched (and stressed) going back to Texas between at least 4 different get togethers in 4 different cities as far as 6 hours apart. Plus we would have had to be there from December 17th to at least December 26th bouncing from city to city in a rental car trying to fit everything in. Since we spent Thanksgiving with my family in Salt Lake, and since I was able to see my mom, Granny, and Great Granny back in August, Bobby flew down for his family reunion style Christmas event late on the 17th, and was back home early on the 19th. He had to work the 20th and the 21st, and then his company shut down for the holidays (he had two full weeks off, and is still on vacation as I type this- he deserved it and I'm glad he got it!) Our friends invited us to their house for dinner, so Bobby and I slept in and had Christmas morning together.
We started off with eggnog and the leftover pumpkin cake with pecan streusel for breakfast. Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but I think that's precisely what made it the perfect Christmas meal.
In Bobby's words "we should use our actual socks for stockings, like they did in the 1890's".

Bobby with his snowboard sock stocking- he's so proud.

Digging out lots of goodies from Santa

One of said goodies :)
Me with my argyle stocking.
One advantage of actual stockings instead of argyle socks- I have to admit they're a *bit* easier to stuff things in, and get things out.
I was so excited to get this ice scraper! I had to use a rolled up canvas grocery tote to plow snow off my windows during the last snow storm. I think this is a better tool by far.
My toe socks hipster-'stache- I wonder if I'll ever get tired of mocking the ironic hipster mustache?
We had some brown packing paper from the box Bobby's nephews' gifts were shipped in, so we re-purposed it. Bobby was much more creative than I was. Exhibit A...
aand B. This makes me smile every time I see it.
Also a re-used bag and tissue paper- we kept it pretty informal as you can tell.
Bobby *loves* toe socks. I never owned a pair until I met him. (I'm wearing my Christmas pair right now- which is a good thing, since it's negative 8 degrees outside tonight.)
We love to camp, and I got Bobby these and a few other camping accessories. He immediately opened them, ran one under water,and lit it.
Yoga prop- a support block. He was *very* happy for this one!
I was nerdily excited over this gift- DNA mapping from the company 23 and Me. You spit in a tube, mail it off, and in 2-4 weeks they send you information on all the most fundamental bits and pieces of your body and genetic makeup. Information on ancestry, genetic markers for diseases, and other random interesting things are included in the work-up. Bobby had it done a few years back and when he told me about it the awestruck kid in me that continues to be amazed by science came out. I haven't sent it off yet but I hope to do so in time to get it back before we leave for Egypt.

After the gift exchanging we lounged about in pajamas a bit longer while we called our families and wished them Merry Christmas. I had a nice long talk with my Great Granny that made my day. Once all the Christmas calls were made we headed over to our friends' house for dinner and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with them. It was really nice to have such great friends here in Colorado to share the holiday with.


  1. The DNA mapping sounds rad. I want one for me.

    I hope you write about it when you get your results. I would love to hear your thoughts post-science experiment.

  2. I will definitely write about it. I'm intrigued to see what they discover about me.