Friday, January 28, 2011

An Update...

First, I'm just going to make this confession straight outta the gate- it is 3:25. I had breakfast at around 8:30 a.m., and lunch around noon. But other than that, all I have done all day today is read the news, talk to my concerned friends/family on the phone, and then read more news. I have not, at this point in time, done ANY of the following:

1) Brushed my teeth
2) Taken a (much needed) shower
3) Gotten dressed
4) Made my bed
5) Housework or errands
6) Exercised

I just can't tear myself away from reading the news and the updates on Egypt. The latest is that Delta Airlines is suspending all flights into Cairo after Saturday. We are not flying Delta, but I'm thinking other airlines might follow suit. National Geographic called Bobby's parents and told them that we would be advised on Monday if the trip will be canceled or proceed as scheduled. If it's canceled they will re-schedule us for a later date. This entire time, since the unrest started a few days ago, I've been telling myself it was all good, that Nat Geo would keep us safe if only to protect its brand, etc. I had a talk with my Dad about 3 days ago and he told me not to worry, I'd be fine. But then today I had *another* talk with my Dad and he was all "Cortney, I'm NOT Liam Neeson. I don't know that I'd know how to/have the resources to come rescue you in Egypt". I've never seen the movie he's referencing, but I've seen the trailer and I got the joke and it a) was funny and b) made me nervous. My dad is not a worrier, not at all. He is logical and reasonable and doesn't let fears guide him. So hearing that he was nervous made *me* nervous...

Since we don't know what will happen Bobby and I plan to finish our Egypt DVD series, pack, and buy Dramamine for the flight(s) and flashlights for the tombs, just in case. Bobby said he's 90% certain that the trip will be canceled, but if it's not canceled, and Nat Geo gives us the go ahead, we're still going. Here's to final decisions on Monday!

And, ok, here's to me finally taking a shower and getting dressed. I'm going to vow, to the internet, that I will do that as soon as I hit "Publish Post". I've talked to everyone I need to talk to, I got the skinny on the communications from Nat Geo, read news for approximately 569 hours, and I've already g-mail chatted my anxieties to Bobby and updated all my far flung friends and family on FB(whoa, alliteration). My lap top feels like it might be about to burst into flames and my eyes are begging me to stop reading online news because they are getting all fuzzy...

Post-edit: Ok, I'm dressed, showered, my bed is made, dishes are done, and a load of laundry is going, so I checked my FB messages and a dear family friend gave me this great link on Mother Jones with live updates if you want to follow what's going on.

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