Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve Part I- Snow Day!

We didn't have a white Christmas this year, but we woke up the day before New Year's Eve to lots of snow. And it was the first time I was actually, truly cold this year- which made sense, seeing as how the high was 18 degrees. On New Year's Eve it snowed all day and was 7 degrees. It was starting to feel like what I expected a Colorado winter to be. We had lots of errands to run and snow boots to buy and party clothes to thrift so I was able to get some pictures around town. I *love* snow because it makes cold weather worth it.
This is what I saw upon opening the blinds in our bedroom- I really like having trees in our windows for this very reason.
Snowy courtyard view from our study- the pool is covered but the hot tub is thankfully open all winter- we have been going a lot this December.
Some kids were trying to sled in this park but the hill was almost non-existent and their mother was pulling them down in turn- not *quite* the idea but I'm sure it was fun being the pull-ee and not the pull-er :)

Modeling my new boots like a dork- It's so nice to be able to tromp through snow without getting soggy. I checked 3 thrift stores a few times each over the last month, but they only had boots for fashion, not for function. These are waterproof and have a temperature grade of -25 degrees. If I get lost in the wilderness, every part of me will be a coal black frost bitten lump but my feet will look gorgeous.
And, ok, let's be honest, I like them because I think they're pretty cute too. We're going snowshoeing soon so I'll get to put them to good use!


  1. Ha! I totally have those same boots. They are fantastic, no?

  2. How funny that you have the same ones! And yes, they are fantastic. It is bliss to have warm, dry feet while stamping through snow like a little kid :)