About the Narrator

I'm a 27 year old Texas transplant currently living in Colorado. I started this blog halfway through my master's degree as a single 25 year old going to school and working full time in Dallas, and doing lots of socializing and dating in between. I graduated in Dec 09 and now I find myself about to be 28 and happily sharing a home for the first time with my partner, Bobby, whose job in software development/computer science witchcraft spurred our moving to Colorado. You could sum us up as- vegetarian leaning vegan hippie type people with no pets, no kids, and no TV, living frugally because we believe in being free and financially stable, reveling in secondhand furniture, early 90's Toyotas, and craigslist bikes. We love road trips, and take lots of them- we went to 15 states in our first year together. Hiking and camping and a National Parks Pass are also in that mix. We both have quite a bit of wander lust, and are minimally attached to possessions, which makes for good traveling partners. I've lived in Japan and taught English, and would like to live in a few more countries. Our long term goal around May 2012 is to go on a one and a half to two year global jaunt, bouncing from job to job, seeing where we land. We continue to hem and haw about the Peace Corps being involved somehow. Marriage and kids might happen somewhere in there, probably sometime on the former, maybe never on the latter. We'll see.
Right now I'm working two internships, volunteering at our local no-kill animal shelter, taking an online course towards a post graduate certificate in Sustainable Community Development, and taking care of home and hearth. I'm a liberal activist, a feminist, and a lover of all things pertaining to sociology and history. Cooking, writing, reading, biking, yoga, sewing, crocheting, reading tons of news and finance blogs, and listening to NPR are all on a regular rotation of daily activities. I don't drink but I love to go out and dance, and I don't smoke but I'll put up with it to play pool for hours. I adore my family and friends- much overlapping there- and wish they were closer so we could play Scrabble and drink coffee on the back porch more easily.

 Or play pool and celebrate birthdays...
 Or have going away parties into the single digits of the morning...
 or act completely inappropriate at my cousin's wedding. You know, the usual :)

 Lastly, I'll go ahead and warn you I can sometimes get opinionated and passionate on this blog, because I care a lot about things that I believe in. I think differences make the world go 'round though, so don't think we can't be friends if we don't vote the same way or look at the world through the same lens. That would just be silly. Basically, I'm trying to be a good person in the best ways I know how and I'm hoping other people are doing the same. I wish we'd all extend one another more kindness, respect, and understanding. We all have to be here together, we may as well make it pleasant. I agree with Plato that everyone has their own "hard battle" to fight, and as a result I try to make positive assumptions about others and help out where I can.If you're into this sort of thing, I also keep a food blog here. The web address is bit tongue in cheek, referencing the various "vegan before 6 p.m." or "vegetarian on the weekdays" kind of diet memes that are going around. This is all probably more than you ever wanted or needed to know about me, so I'll go ahead and wrap this up.

Do good things,