Monday, January 10, 2011

Out on the Town

J-Ben and P! planned to leave early Saturday morning. Since that plan required a correspondingly early night in on Friday, we had our last night out on the town on Thursday. I always take people the The Drunken Monkey, because they have swings instead of bar stools and the decor is ridiculous and funny. However, it is firmly in the category of "early 20's college kid bar" so it's not the best place to hunker down to spend an evening. It was, therefore, our first stop on the downtown tour. J-Ben, P!, and Bobby all ordered one drink, we listened to the obnoxious trivia game going on, and we had a photoshoot on the swings.

Yes, we did that. We kind of had to.
I think I was probably saying to J-Ben "see what I meant about the whole college bar thing?" and she was probably saying "word girl, I'ma finish my drink and we'll bounce".

We walked through Linden Street square, which is filled with sculptures and has a revolving door of art installations.

The last few weeks there has been a public piano, covered in graffiti style art, which has a simple "Play Me" sign. I *love* this photo.

We ended the night in our favorite place, Elliot's Martini Bar. We love everything about this place. The music is good but not so loud that you can't talk. There are lots of comfy booths and two front sitting areas with couches that wrap around into the windows. The feel of the bar is very laid back and friendly, instead of obnoxious drunken college kid hormone drenched. It's clean and the service is good and it caters to a bit of an older crowd. They might not have swings, but the tradeoff is worth it, to say the least.
We hung out there for an hour or two. If I drank, this would be the place. They have a four page menu- with, as I'm sure you're not surprised, tens of martinis. The names are ridiculous and there are hundreds of different flavors. I tasted J-Ben's banana/coconut/chocolate martini, and it was very good.
But I still preferred my drink. Every time we go there I ask the server to ask the bartender to make an interesting virgin drink. The last time I got a creamy drink in a pint glass that tasted like an orange creamsicle. This time it was pomegranate and red grapefruit martini with lime. And it's always on the house!
Dear Elliot's Martini Bar- Thanks for being awesome. Love, Cortney

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