Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do You Have a Light?

Even though we're almost certainly not leaving for Jordan and Egypt on February 1st as planned, we know that if the trip is canceled it will be rescheduled and we still have some things on our "to get for the trip" list. So we decided to go ahead and visit REI- our favorite store- to get the flashlights we will (eventually) need to see in the tombs in Egypt. After dithering back and forth for a bit we decided to go ultra geeky so that we could get a multi-purpose light. So, instead of flashlights, we left REI with headlamps my friends- 60 lumens, with a rechargeable battery or the option of running off of normal batteries. We figured this would keep our hands free for walking in dark, cramped tombs, plus we both needed headlamps anyway for riding our bikes at night, and they'll be useful for hiking and camping. Naturally we tried them out as soon as we got home.
Bobby is *super* excited about wearing a flashlight on a strap around his head, you would be able to tell if you could see his face...
I'm impressed, which you'd be able to tell if you could see *my* face. That ghostly red light behind me is the only light on in the whole house- the warm glow from Bobby's computer.

Now that we have headlamps I think it's time to start planning out a long distance biking/camping trip. Maybe that will tide us over until we are cleared to go on our original trip?

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