Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Decision

National Geographic contacted Bobby's mother yesterday morning, confirming what we already suspected- the trip to Egypt/Jordan is canceled. They are now working to find a replacement trip during the same timeline. Bobby and I had just assumed we would wait until they resumed the Egypt/Jordan expedition, but a lot of factors make it more sensible to still go during the same timeline. Most importantly, his sister and brother-in-law have 3 young children, and they had already taken off of work and found someone to care for their kids. Plus we had all been planning on seeing one another now, and we were all looking forward to getting together. A tentative replacement is another National Geographic tour to Peru and the Galapagos islands, but there are a few kinks to work out and we're not sure if we can join that expedition.

Right now Bobby and I are just waiting to hear where we're going and when we're leaving, and then we'll be headed off to meet up with his family somewhere in the world :) I can't wait to see them and it's kind of fun that we might not know where we're going until a day or two before. As long as we're all together it will be a good time, wherever we may end up!


  1. The Galapagos would be amazing!!! Friends went on honeymoon there and said it was incredible. Good luck! - phru

  2. I'm getting excited after checking it out. We're waiting to hear if they'll have room for us on the boat. Basically the trip is 9 days on a bout touring the Galapagos islands, and then 6 days in Peru doing Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. We still don't have any details though, and we could be leaving as early as Feb 4th. I like the spontaneity of it all!