Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Day in Chicago+ Bobby's Birthday

I was up *very* early this morning to do some work on my internships so that we'd have our last morning/early afternoon free before our train departs. The rest of this week was awesome- I got to see Jenna and family and had a great time, Jo and I continued having fun and being ridiculous together, we hit up the aquarium, had a big fat Italian feast, and I spent another good long afternoon on Friday wandering the city on one last solo jaunt.

Then Bobby flew in late Friday night and we ate (early) birthday cupcakes from Jo's friend's bakery and stayed up until 3 a.m. talking and catching up. The rest of the weekend was lots of food and wandering around the city, laid back bar hopping and a friend's b'day party, doing some last minute sight seeing- Sears/now Willis Tower, a failed attempt at an architecture tour, etc- and just having a lazy last few days here. I'm really grateful that I was here for almost 10 days, and I didn't feel rushed to pack in all the "must see" tourist spots. I could wander, and work, and stay in if we didn't feel like going out, without feeling like I was missing out on something or not taking advantage of my time here.

I have tons of pictures, so there will be a few separate posts since Blogger and I always get in a big fight when it comes to uploading pictures. Compromise is important in any relationship, so I'll just break up my posts and avoid the drama :)

But, more important than all of the above- today is Bobby's birthday! He turns 31, and if he asks, assure him that "31 isn't old". Here we are last night, a few hours before his birthday...

"Willis" Tower- it's Sears, and always will be, but good try on changing the name.

Out and about on our last night in the city with Jo


  1. You guys are so cute! And Cortney, I love those earrings.

  2. Thanks! :) And those earrings are my *favorite*. I got them in Japan and they have been staples ever since- who doesn't love rainbow sequins?! Nobody, that's who!