Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mountain Top

I've been organizing my photos lately, going back to 2006 when I first purchased a digital camera and I was living in Japan. This was on top of Mt. Tateyama, about an hour from my home in Toyama. After talking about winter in the last post, I wanted to look through the pics I had of all of us girls on top of the mountain. I love this one because it very much looks like we're lounging on a beach, because of the way the frozen lake in front of us swoops down. Such a great day. Click on the picture to make it bigger to get a better look!


  1. Beautiful picture :)

    That's such a great fake sick story. I definitely did that a few times...faking sick when a snow day would happen the next day or a holiday.

    As for the seitan, don't be afraid. Once you figure out the right simmer setting on your burner, it really just cooks itself. It's a lot easier than it sounds. Give it a try some time and I think you'll be pleased with the results.

  2. Thanks! (picture wise and sick story wise, haha)

    I'll just have to trust you when you say it's not that hard. Usually I get the pre-made stuff, but everyone says making your own is better. If anything, I've had the wheat gluten in my canister for almost 6 months now, so there's no harm in screwing it up and having a few trial and errors :)