Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Busy!

While I'm in Chicago, it isn't all vacation time fun and games. I have *lots* to do for one of my internships, and research to do for the other. I'm scheduling a week of speaking events for the director's East Coast tour. So, I spend about 3 hours in the morning in the business center e-mailing, researching, note taking, and to-do listing, then I spend a while reading journal articles for the other internship. In the evening, when I get home from an afternoon of checking out the city, I do another hour or two of replying to all the e-mail I peppered my contacts with that morning.

Today I have been *slammed* with the speaking event project, and I'm ending my 4th hour in the business center. I'm about to wrap it up though, and make a quick lunch. Then I'm setting off with my backpack 'o snacks to spend the rest of the afternoon at the Art Institute of Chicago. I thought I would do Millenium Park + the Institute yesterday, but there was so much to see and wander through at the park, and then I went down to the harbor, so I realized I wouldn't have enough time to devote to the Institute and bumped it to today. I'm nerdily excited to see the museum!

For now I'm starving, but I discovered an internet cable under the table that allows me to use my laptop, so here's a picture of the famous "bean" in Millennium Park. More to come later!

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