Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh Colorado

Bobby and I just got back from an awesome backyard party complete with a huge treehouse festooned with string lights, a D.J., an entire goat roasted on an open fire, and tons of friendly, laid back, interesting people.

If I could sum up the energy of our town, it would be in that little party. Dogs and kids running around, perfect fall weather, people jumping off the treehouse in the harness and rock climbing rope they keep up there specifically for that purpose, someone made homemade chocolate chip cookies, they keep backyard chickens and have a garden and live in a funky little house in Old Town, one of the people who works at our CSA was there and we made friends... it was a great night all around.

I just washed the fire smell off of me and am about to crawl in bed but I just felt all warm and fuzzy inside so I thought I'd put it out there to share. I really deep down adore living in Colorado. It surprises even me how much I feel like this is home.

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