Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2011 Goals Review: April & May

Me, around age 3, trying to reach for something a bit out of my grasp. It seemed appropriate, right?

I'm consolidating April and May since it's now June 1st. Altogether both months went really well. I started off April with thinking I failed my PLACE exam, and finished it with finding out I passed with flying colors. Then end of April and the beginning of May were filled with a visit from Arielle, a road trip to Texas for a two and a half  week visit, and then returning home May 10th to unpack our new apartment. Recently we just got back from a long Memorial Day weekend camping road trip. All in all, things didn't go quite as planned, what with all the traveling and moving. How not quite as planned? Let's see how I did compared to March.

(You can find the full list of 2011 Goals HERE.)

Food and Fitness
From April 18th, when Arielle came to Colorado, until today, as I sit typing this June 1st, I did not run one.single.solitary.time. I packed my Vibrams and assured myself I'd take advantage of my 24 Hour Fitness nationwide access. I did not. I did yoga sporadically, but that was pretty much a bust, too. I've been doing yoga again since I got home from Texas, but the last week has really been my first full week of ramping back up. The running starts again on Friday! Regarding the soda/coffee goal- um, I was in vacation mode for almost 3 weeks, and then we were moving and then we were road tripping. I didn't even try to follow this, and I drank my weight in soda and frou frou flavored coffees. Now I'm back in a more normal place, and I'm not beating myself up about it.

Misc Goals and Projects
Due to all the traveling belly dancing lessons were put off again. This June is the first month since January or February that we don't have half the month's weekends planned out of town. From here on out, I think I'm just going to pay by the class, even if it's marginally more expensive. Even if I had only gone to half of the month's classes, by now I would have 10 classes under my (jangly, coin) belt. Bobby and I are researching what kinds of partner dances we want to do for June. I'm working on my photo project, and while I was in Texas I brought back a huge pile of diaries, from about 2nd grade all the way through post-Japan in Dallas. My next project, once the photos are done, will be to sort through them and scan them into digital files.

Career and Finances
Still interning with both non-profits, I finished my 3rd out of 4 classes towards my Sustainable Development Certificate, and as I said I passed the PLACE exam! I'm ramping up my job search because I hope to work part time while I student teach part time and go to grad school full time. There are a few options that I'll be working on the month of June.

Personal Improvement
Book goal is on track after slipping a bit. I caught up upon the return from Texas by reading 3 books, and I'm about to finish 2 more. I'm a bit peeved, however, because my Goodreads app is not accurately updating my books- I'm missing two books on the blog widget that are showing up on my profile on their site. I suppose I might need to go back to keeping my own list. Regarding the Spanish study- I really thought I'd jump into it once the PLACE studying was over, but a mere week and a half after the test Arielle came up and then it was a traveling whirlwind, and we're just now getting settled into our new place. 

Travel To-Do
The Texas trip and the Memorial Day weekend trip were both awesome! Bobby planned out our big summer trip, which is a road trip from Colorado to Yellowstone Nat'l park in Montana, then Seattle to visit friends, then Canada to visit more friends, then back to Seattle, on to Portland, and then back home to Colorado with a stop in SLC on the way to visit my cousin and break the driving into two days. We're also planning a 4th of July weekend road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I'm sure we'll be back in Denver and Boulder a few times this summer, too.

Met this goal! I'm also trying to send more mail, so on our most recent trip we picked up lots of postcards to mail.

June Specific Goal- I'm working on using  my bike more for transportation. I also need to get back on the C25K running and start Spinning classes.  Riding my bike more goes right back into increasing my cardio endurance, which will help with the running and Spinning.

I have high hopes to get a lot of projects done in June and get back into a groove of a daily schedule again. I keep reminding myself that come August I'll be back to full time work and full time school, plus I'll still be volunteering with the two non-profits I work with, so I need to take full advantage of June. I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time committing to regular Spanish study, so I might need to re-work that goal. We'll see how June goes and then I'll make a decision from there. The end of June is halfway through 2011!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes a plan to run and then... just doesn't. It's the first thing i cut when i get busy, or just don't want to. (Reminds me of the few years I played the trumpet in middle school. I put "practice trumpet" on my to-do list every day, and I never did it. Not once.)


  2. You're definitely not the only one! What is so confusing to me is why I just didn't do. it. I was actually really enjoying running here in Colorado during March/April, I packed my Vibrams, went to Texas.. and then just didn't

    Your trumpet is totally my Spanish study. I suppose it's the thought that counts though, right? Let's say it is.