Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Goals Review: March

Me, around age 3, trying to reach for something a bit out of my grasp. It seemed appropriate, right?

March was a great month- C25K continues to go well, and I'm loving running barefoot. My birthday and birthday celebrations were great, and I got in one last snowboarding trip of the season. And on top of all of that, Karin and Hermes came in for a few days and we had our first camping trip of the season. Of course, all of that begs the question- with so much going on, how did the goals go? Surprisingly, this was my best month yet (or maybe, not so surprisingly, since this was the first full month of implementing them). You can find the full list of 2011 Goals HERE.

Food and Fitness
Met all goals. There were a few weeks when I didn't drink any coffee or soda at all, but the weeks when I did I stuck to my one each goal. C25K is going well, and I'm doing yoga 3 times a week plus strength training 3 times a week. April is when I'm adding in Spinning classes, and I'm looking forward to it because I love Spinning. It destroys me and I love it.
Misc Goals and Projects
Met all goals here, with the exception of belly dancing lessons (you purchase them monthly and I would have missed half of them this month). Bobby and I took West Coast Swing lessons every Monday night in March, I worked on craft projects, and we purchased the last two pieces of photo organizers so that I can finish the last bit of organizing, I'm excited to have it totally done.
Career and Finances
Nothing changed here- still interning with both non-profits, taking my 3 out of 4 classes towards my Sustainable Development Certificate, and I've been studying for the entire month of March for the PLACE exam.
Personal Improvement
The book goal is right on track- I read 5 books in March: PLACE Xam English 07 (3 times cover to cover actually); Born to Run; Learn to Meditate; Culture of Fear; Alice in Wonderland (re-read, the first book I read on my Kobo). The only Spanish study I've been doing is reading my "Spanish Word of the Day" e-mail every day, because I'm really focusing on the PLACE exam. It's on April 9th, and after that Spanish will take the front burner again.
Travel To-Do
Bobby and I went to Denver together once, we went to Boulder together three times, and then I took Karin and Hermes to Denver. We've already met our goal to get out into Denver and Boulder more for the year (two times each, we met it by March!), and we have lots more trips planned. The extended traveling to Texas at the end of Bobby's HP contract is all scheduled and set as well and I can't wait to see friends and family- plus there are two birthday parties and a wedding to attend, so it's perfect timing.
Met this goal. I'm glad that I get to see every single person on this list soon though, instead of just talking to them on the phone :)

All in all the only areas where things have been neglected are the belly dancing lessons on Sundays, and the Spanish study. But the former just wasn't practical money wise in March with the impending absences, and I know I'd rather focus all of my studying energy on the PLACE exam without being distracted by Spanish.

I'm stoked about April because I'll be done with the PLACE exam the first week, and then my friend Arielle comes in the last week and we drive to Texas together after I show here around Denver/Boulder/where I live. Should be another great month :) I hope you all are doing well with your goals/resolutions for 2011!

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