Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catching Up with Technology Verdict: Meh

Since late 2009, I have happily owned an LG phone. It slides out to a full keyboard, and it has a pretty terrible touch screen, but that's about as bells and whistle-y as it gets. Bobby has owned a pink Motorola Razr ever since I've known him which was given to him by a kind friend when his (even older) phone died. Now's a good time to share this gem from The Oatmeal:
No, seriously, that is Bobby's exact phone. SOURCE

We have both balked at upgrading to smart phones, for a variety of reasons, number one being the exorbitant cost of  both the phone and the plans. However, Bobby recently accepted a position with his current employer. He's now phones. And he was using a very outdated Motorola Razr. And neither of us had ever even made a phone call on a smart phone, much less used one in the day to day. That situation needed to be remedied.

So, about two weeks ago, we took the plunge, ditching AT&T in favor of Sprint. For our infidelity we were rewarded with enough discounts to actually get paid to switch, on top of getting free phones- really, free, not just fake free like so many cell phone companies try to pull. For $20 more a month we had three times as many minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited text, plus the free phones. We aren't Apple-philes, so we had no interest in the iPhone, when the Android based phones were everything we needed (and much cheaper for the monthly plans), so we went with the HTC Evo, and HTC Evo Shift. The Shift was for me, because I do so despise touch screens. So far, things are going well. I hated it when I first got it because it felt so annoyingly fragile, but once it was firmly entombed within an Otter Box that went away.

I have to say, I haven't been overtaken with the "I can't live without it!" feeling. Honestly, I find internet browsing on it kind of annoying, and I'd much prefer to do a quick and efficient morning check of FB and the news on my laptop. It takes about twice as long on the phone, not because it's slow, but because it's so small. That isn't me knocking the awesomeness of the technology, it's just that I like to be efficient and for day to day use, the laptop wins every time. I'm sure the GPS capabilities will be awesome in a pinch though, and the ability to Google anything one may want or need will absolutely be convenient when we find ourselves in a random town in Nebraska and we're tying to decide whether or not to eat at Burger King or if we can hold out for thirty minutes for real food. Oh, and yes, the camera is much better, for sure. However I'm not tempted to check it constantly, or be on the internet when I'm waiting in line, things like that. If Bobby and I are going out together, I'll usually leave my phone behind since we have his. I was never attached to my old cell phone, though, so that's probably why the black magic of the 'droid has yet to ensnare me.

I have to say though- an e-reader and a smart phone? Who am I?

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