Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creepsauce Casserole, or, Kidnapping is For Your Own Good, Sinner

So, apparently this guy** thought it would be a cool idea to make a pro-life movie that alludes to the "Saw" movies. I know, stay with me. Basically three women are kidnapped from an abortion clinic and held hostage until they give birth. Wanna see the trailer? Ok!

I wonder how it ends? Maybe they go for a gritty, realistic ending. Like, totally real life stuff. One where as soon as the baby is born the mother is ditched by our society, and is then vilified as a worthless leech on our tax system by getting on Medicaid and taking welfare to support her child? Or do these kidnappers pay for diapers and food and medical bills and a safe place to live for the children they saved? Ah, so many questions with this one.

As my friend said, I guess "kidnapping women and forcing them to give birth against their wills is a "pro-life" value worth making a movie about!". Indeed. Very strange way of going about advocating one's position. It's so over the top that it would never sway anyone. This seems to be one of those "preaching to the choir" kind of "YEAH! That's RIGHT! We're RIGHT!" kind of movies to fire up an already devoted base. For the record, such movies annoy me whatever the political slant may be.

Also, for the record, this isn't meant to open up a huge can o' worms over the thorny issue of abortion. I would hope anyone, on either side, would think that this movie is a stinker.

**Of course, per the article I linked above, this guy also made a movie "called O.B.A.M. Nude, in which a college student addicted to cocaine sells his soul to the devil to become a socialist leader. "Satan tutors him on political points," Del Vecchio said. "So he can trick the masses by a mantra of hope and change." Wink."


  1. I actually thought it was a pro choice movie, seeing as how the pro-life characters were the obvious villains, and so caricatured that you couldn't help but hate them.

    ...Then I realized the film maker is just completely and utterly insane, and actually thinks this shit makes pro-life people look good.

  2. Yeah, I agree, not the best way to promote one's point of view!