Friday, June 3, 2011

Texas Girls Part IV- Let's Dance

After the all night and all afternoon birthday celebration of Spring Bash, we went straight out the next night (on about 5 hours of sleep) to meet up with friends and dance all night at The Church.
About to get our dance on.
I'm about as far as one can get from a goth, a club kid, a raver, a scenester, etc. That being said, the Church is my all time favorite place to dance (with the Catacombs in Boulder coming in a very close second, for many of the same reasons). Yes, lots of people go there in full on gorgeous goth costumes, or steampunk outfits, or over the top creative and insane clothes that would make Party Monster proud.
Bunnies are particularly adept at speed chess (at least the ones found at The Church)
 On the other hand, if, like me, you often show up in jeans, a tank top, and some  Converse, it doesn' It is a come as you are kind of place. Some people might call it a freak show. I call it a lot of people who wear what they want and dance however they want until 4 a.m. every Sunday and Thursday night. I dance for hours straight at this place, until I am drenched in sweat, laughing and goofing off with my friends, usually in a little room that plays random 80's hits and pop goth-y music like the Cure. The age range is anywhere from 17 years old to 60+, although most people are around 18 to 30.
Arielle, taking good care of said Bunny's carrot.
Sure, I might sometimes see couples on leashes, or a girl with duct tape and nothing else over her breasts, or a man on stilts, but I can guarantee those people will give me a smile, and we'll all dance happily together on the dance floor. That is far more than I can say about typical top 40 college clubs, where I've often had to resort to physically shoving men off of me who want to "dance", aka grope me along to the beat of some crappy Lil' Wayne song. The Church is happily free of that particular version of frat boy, and for that I love it even more.

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