Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Victorious, Ya'll!

 Back in the saddle again...

Greetings and good news from Texas, kittens! After fighting my way through a ridiculous teacher certification test last month, I had very low hopes for passing it. However, yesterday I received my results and I passed! The passing score was a 220, and I received a 264 (top score, 300). So, now I have moved from hoping, desperately, to just pass, to now kind of thinking "damn, I could have done better". Such is the life of an overachiever.

But the important thing is I PASSED! This test was the very last thing I need to do for graduate school this fall, so now I can fully enjoy the coming summer and all the road trips, national parks, hiking, camping, swimming, and running that entails. Ah, can't wait. Bobby and I have such good adventures, even when it's just a tent and a national park in a neighboring state.

At the moment I'm 5 days into my two week Texas trip, hanging out at my Dad's house. I have lots of pictures and stories to catch up on, but a shower followed by lunch with a friend needs to happen first. Arielle and I are off to Austin tomorrow morning for more Texas touring and friends and family visiting, so I'm not sure when I'll give another update, but I just had to drop in to share that the PLACE exam did not defeat me, much as its subjective, ambivalent nature tried.


  1. Look at that hair! stay away from all the wild fires... my wife failed her teacher cert a couple of times, it's not easy but what counts is you passed! congrats!! enjoy the summer and say Hi if you come down to Houston!


  2. Oh yes, the wild fires are crazy! And thank you very much! I'm sure you guys are looking forward to the summer off as well since your wife is a teacher, you enjoy it too!

  3. Congrats, Cortney! I just knew you would pass. How could you not, except for their ridiculous system.

    Enjoy your summer! I know you will document it at all here. I can't wait to read the stories and see the gorgeous pics.

  4. Thank you so much Rachael! :)