Friday, June 4, 2010

Almost there...

After almost three weeks of being in Colorado, the entire house is organized, decorated, and furnished, with the lone exception of the study. We spent some time last night going through our mutual study-things, reorganizing the closet and moving some things to the outside storage closet, and coming up with a plan for a bookshelf. After craig's listing it for a bit, I finally just asked Puppy Bob if he would kindly build one very long, single shelf along the wall above the closet doors- the left side juts out, so it would look "built-in". He agreed this would be the easiest, cheapest, and most user friendly solution.

So, it looks like this weekend will involve shampooing our funky orange love seats- pictures to come when the house is done!- and building a shelf. On Sunday we're hitting up a vegan potluck event we found through, and apparently about 20 people will be there. Let's hope they're nicer than the yoga ladies ;)


  1. I have no hints as to how to manage flying anxiety. I just sit there quietly and try not to freak out over every bump and noise. I tend to read during the take off so I forget I'm on a plane.... But that's really all I do. I suck.

  2. I suck too, because that's pretty much *exactly* what I do- take a book, try and go out of my head when they're taking off, and desperately try to convince myself I'm not freaking out over every sound. Even though I totally am.

    My first flight I was about 2. My mother worked for an airline and I flew at least once a month for two years to visit my father all through elementary school, my first flight alone I was in the 2nd grade... the list goes on. I've flown *a lot*, and my nervousy/terrified feelings have yet to leave. At least I haven't let it keep me from flying places, although I desperately wish I could be the bored 16 year old with her ipod who is totally over it and calm and collected.