Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hot Tubs Foster Friendships

Bobby and I tried once together, and I tried once on my own, and both times the supposedly open pool was closed. Yesterday got up to 90, which, in Colorado, is like 105 in Texas, so the pool was packed all day. We decided to go for some night swimming- the best kind, it's not hot, and you don't have to worry about getting a tan! Oh, right, here's a picture of the pool during the day-

So, we head on down around 9 p.m. and there is a couple in the hot tub. We didn't know the gate code, so they gave it to us, and they promptly started up conversation. There was another guy there, who left and brought back his partner, so the three of us couples hung out talking and laughing for a good few hours. Surprisingly, two of them- Jason and Jenny- had lived in San Angelo and Austin, so we got a good laugh out of talking about how weird Texas can be. Jeff is a police officer, and regaled us with some quality stories, like the time the chick forgot an adult toy was in her purse as it was getting security screened at the courthouse.

By the end of it, we all exchanged numbers, and now there is a tentative date to go out on Jason & Jenny's boat on Sunday. As an interesting side note, Jenny was in the Monday night yoga class Puppy Bob and I went to, so now I know at least *one* woman in the yoga classes is a nice person. Ah, redemption.

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  1. Thank you so much! It truly is the only way to really celebrate in style :)