Thursday, June 10, 2010


I really wish I could get up the mental energy to attend the Tues/Thurs/Sun yoga class, but as it was the subject of my post on how HORRIBLE said class was... well, it's just a little daunting. So, instead I slept in until 9:15 (class starts at 10) and then decided I would just make myself go on Sunday- and make Bobby go with me.

As a result I'm reading the news and various blogs and checking my facebook in my robe, wondering what to make for breakfast although it is now 10 a.m., and sorting out what I'll do today. Now that the apartment is complete, I can put my full attention to finding somewhere to volunteer. I'm thinking 5 hours a day, Monday through Friday and some Saturdays as they need me. In the meantime, I need to get dressed, brush the fur coats off my teeth, and eat something. So here goes Thursday. Let's hope it's a good one!

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  1. I haven't been to my group fitness classes in 2 weeks or so, partly because the tutoring gig overlapped with them. Partly because I just can't get my nerve up to go at the moment. Oh, and partly because I exhausted myself in NYC. I will start again in July. That is what I am telling myself. :)