Monday, June 14, 2010

Tare It Up

So, I've been thinking about ways to reduce my trash and plastic consumption. Sure, I try to recycle, but wouldn't it be better to just not use it in the first place?

I found a few blogs dedicated to these endeavors, and over and again they mentioned taking glass containers to grocery stores to buy bulk items. I adore Sprouts with pretty much everything in my grocery shopping parts, so yesterday, when picking up the fixings for a new recipe, I asked if I could bring my glass container in to partake of the 4 aisles of bulk goodness they got goin' on.

To which the cashier replied,

"Sure, but we don't tare the container, so it's included in the weight of what you're buying".

What the hell? I'm just trying to be a good consumer, avoid my plastic consumption, and get my bulk buy on. And you tell me I'll essentially be charged, basically fiscally punished, as a result? How hard is it to tare my container Sprouts? Seriously.

So, here's the deal, Sprouts, we've had a good run, and you're way more laid back and easy to hang out with than your uptight sister Whole Foods, and certainly a cheaper date, but I think this is one issue where you just don't do it for me. I won't talk about getting my bulk on at Whole Foods as long as you don't get all pissy when I don't visit your barrels anymore, deal? Deal.


  1. Maybe try canvas bags with a drawstring or something? Those have surely got to weigh less than a glass jar... but would not work with something liquidy (better for grains and such). Etsy usually has sellers who make and sell such things.
    Or what about re-using the plastic that they would tare? Meh.
    They don't have such fancy things in Oklahoma. I think they are getting a Whole Foods in Edmond, but that is a 40 minute drive. However, OU has been named one of the top environmentally friendly colleges in the nation or something. I still have to drive my *cough* huge bucket *cough* of empty cans to the recycle center, but that is because I live in an apartment. C'est la vie.

  2. I'm busy making some bags the next few days out of old sheets :) Oh, and hypocrisy of hypocrisy, the last time I went in to Sprouts, they had the audacity to set up a little display of glass containers, with screw top lids, and the sign said "save money... save the environment... use glass containers!". It was RIGHT next to the bulk bins, the implication being, hey, use these, be a good person! Eff you Sprouts, you won't even tare the container I purchased from you!

  3. Those bastards!