Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wow. Ignorance Never Fails to Surprise Me.

I happened upon a blog by swinging from another blog from another blog... you know how it goes. Anyway, there was a thoughtful post regarding marriage, and the author was exploring her guilt that her gay and lesbian friends couldn't get married, while she can.

90% of the comments were understanding and supportive. Then one girl said---

"I never thought of marriage as a legal thing. Marriage is a covenant, not a legal certificate. Isn’t it more about making a lifelong commitment in front of those who are most important to the wedding couple? Government shouldn’t be mandating marriage, as it was originally set up as an institution of the church. I’m not sure when the switch occurred!"

Ok, cool, so we have to live by your religious persuasion, and also somehow this erases inequality? What? How does her comment even make sense?

Oh, but wait, WAIT! Apparently her comment made perfect, AWESOME sense to another girl, who offered the following insights because she "totally" agrees. Note how compassionate she is towards the plight of homosexual citizens who are barred from marriage. She gives Mother Theresa a run for her money, read and learn!

"you’re totally right! It’s really weird to see people getting all bent out of shape about it. Like it just KILLS them that they can’t get a piece of paper. Do we really think that marriage is something a bureaucrat can call into being with a swipe of the pen? Something you can get by filling out a form?"





This woman is so detached from her own heterosexual privilege that she is seemingly unaware of the fact that the "piece of paper" she can get just by strolling down to the local City Hall with a Person With a Penis gives her over ONE THOUSAND federal rights, benefits, and protections. She actually thinks that gay and lesbians are mad because they can't get a "piece of paper" to validate their marriage. She is exhorting us to stop worrying about labels and petty superficial things, and understand the real meaning of marriage- love, commitment, fidelity, puppies, rainbows, maybe some background music from a Kay Jeweler's commercial, you know. Well, that's all well and good Princess, but you get to self righteously turn your nose up at the paper chasers while simultaneously having access to rights other tax paying citizens of this nation are fighting for. While your waxing poetic about how you don't need a piece of paper to justify your love, other people are worried about things like parental rights, adoption, being able to visit a sick partner in the hospital, health and pension benefits, tax benefits, the list goes on.

You know, all those things you don't have to worry about while you're thinking about how much you love the partner you can marry at any time.

Just. Please. Read. A. Book. Or the news. Or anything to do with something before you post such ignorant, hateful, insensitive things.

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