Friday, January 29, 2010

I Am Employed!!

The best part is, I don't start until March, so since I have guaranteed employment I can fully enjoy not working and having "vacation" until then, without the stress of wondering if I'm going to have to sell plasma/eggs/hair for money!

Hey, life? Thanks for being a pal and being awesome. Now just don't let me get cancer and spoil all the fun, ok? Ok.


  1. Haha so true. People here really do freak out. Congrats on being employed!

    As for the Bleu Cheese substitute, Sunergia Soy Foods makes an AMAZING fake one called Soy Bleu. Find it at Whole Foods. It rocks!

  2. Thank you! It will have been half a year once I start working again, hope I remember how to do it..

    And I have a Whole Foods two shakes from my house, I will get some Soy Bleu, thanks for the suggestion!