Friday, January 29, 2010

Jobs and Jobs and Jobs

After almost 5 months of relatively comfortable unemployment (seriously, pay off all of your debt and save money, you never know what can happen!) I have had three interviews in the last two weeks, after no interviews the previous 4 and a half months. All of the hundreds and hundreds of resumes and job searches and calls are finally paying off. Plus, there is still a chance I'll be able to do the U.S. Census job! And once you do one project for them, and do it well, they call you back for other projects, so this could be an ongoing cyclical part time gig. And it ranges from $17.50 an hour to $20.00 an hour, so for a part time job that's awesome.

The interviews went well and I find out on Monday if I got the job. I won't start until mid-March, but this weekend I'm moving *back* into my new/old apartment that I sublet when I was laid off. And guess what? It's maybe, oh, 4 miles from this job that I'm hoping to get. Let me tell you, I hate commutes more than hamburgers.

Here's hoping I'll have not one, but two jobs within the next month!

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