Friday, April 15, 2011

Facebook Gave Me Pink Tires

The following picture was scanned during my epic scanning adventure of late 2010, and then posted on FB to share amongst friends. I copied and pasted some comments on it below...

Bob- Do we need to get you some pink tires for your current bike Cortney?
April 7 at 11:30am ·

  • Melanie- Oh yes, she needs pink tires!
    April 7 at 11:41am ·

  • Melanie- Ha! Tom looks like Tyler (but with hair).
    April 7 at 11:42am ·

  • Cortney Yes!
    April 7 at 1:33pm ·

  • Bob $11, done
    April 7 at 1:35pm · · 3 people

  • Cortney- Are. You. Serious?? Those are big girl tires?? As in, they could go on my very adult, very grownup street bike and they would work? This is amazing...
    April 7 at 1:36pm · · 1 person

  • Cortney-I need to state, for the record, that last night we were talking about bikes with some of Bobby's friends, and he mentioned "yeah, I got Cortney some pink tires today!" I turned to him and said "seriously, you actually ordered those??". So, yes, that pink tire link above at is now my biking reality. They'll match my pink helmet, wheeeeeeee!


    So, as you already know, Bobby ordered the tires. And yesterday, they came in. And they were ridiculous. As soon as Bobby got home from work he tore open the package, and immediately started putting them on my bike.
     Ok, well, not immediately- first we had to goof around with the pink tires...

    then he put them on. 

    It just so happens these pepto tires do match my bike helmet perfectly.

    I'm so glad I live in a city where biking is a fun, frequent activity, instead of something wreathed in terror and near death experiences. Oh, taxes put to good use in the form of bike lanes and bike paths, and wide, wonderful roads, how I love you. I also love how Bobby does silly, random things like purchase nostalgic pink bicycle tires on a whim inspired by an offhanded FB conversation.

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