Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Know It's Not P.C., but I Still Like the Word "Gypsy"

It's moving time again around these parts, for reasons including the furious upstairs urination detailed previously. Although we're not moving until May 1st, I'm spending today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday cleaning and packing. What's that you say? Today is only April 14th? Oh yes, but unfortunately I planned my epic Texas trip back when we were blissfully unaware of the impending rent increase that would necessitate a move. That means I'll be leaving for Texas April 21st, and I won't be back until May 10th. And that leaves Bobby to move us, by himself (again, might I add, since he moved all of our things up here a month before I left Texas to come join him last year).

That guilt for not pulling my weight is precisely why I'm deep cleaning and packing over the next four days. My goal is to have everything done so that all Bobby has to do is physically move our boxes from Point A Pee Screamer Station to Point B Glorious New Apartment Station. Then, when I get back from Texas, I'll unpack everything, organize and clean the new place, and generally try and divvy up the moving responsibilities in a fair way. Last year I was in charge of unpacking as well, so in the grand scheme of things I guess it kind of does work out pretty evenly. Packing, cleaning for move out, and unpacking is at least equal to packing and moving, right? Let's just say it is. Bobby is flying to Texas on May 6th to go to a birthday and wedding, and then drive back with me. So if he can just make it through 5 days of eating out and living amongst a collection of cardboard friends, this move should go as smoothly as possible.

The only unfortunate thing is that my friend, Arielle, is coming in on Monday, to spend 3 days here before we trek down to Texas. I do wish that she was coming to our comfy, homey apartment, and not a stripped bare, boxed up collection of rooms, but I've always loved that empty feeling of a boxed up apartment ready for a move, so maybe she will, too. Hopefully we'll be out of the house and so busy gallivanting between Denver, Boulder, and here that we won't have time to notice anyway. But right now, I have a propitious, mid April snow storm going on outside. It's the perfect background to a day that I had planned to spend inside anyway, packing and cleaning and then doing reading and classwork, so I'm going to get to it.