Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blogger Keeps Me From Blogging

Ok, this might not be very tactful, talking crap about Blogger ON Blogger (I mean, I could at least complain about it on Facebook or something) but I'll just have to hurt its feelings-

Blogger blows.

There, I said it. Don't get me wrong, when I first started keeping a blog, I appreciated the easy format. It's made blogging accessible to millions of people, and I'm sure grandparents and far flung relatives the world over are grateful for the posts and the pictures of family, and many an angsty teen is pounding out an emo post, reveling in being able to express the unbearable burdens of being 13, and hurrah, that's fabulous.

But right about now, as I've been doing more picture heavy posts, Blogger makes me want to tear my hair out, fashion it into a rope, and strangle myself with it. Ok, maybe not that bad. But it definitely keeps me from blogging more often. I've been pondering moving to a new site, namely wordpress, but I've been here for a while now, and I'm feeling nostalgic, and plus it's a hassle to move. But, it's the creepy nostalgia, like when you know you should break up with a boyfriend, but you think about how awesome it was when you first met, and it's a hassle to break up, so then you drag it out waaaaaaay to long. Yeah, that's how it is with Blogger.

I just want something more customizable, and mostly I want something that doesn't make me upload 5 photos at a time, in REVERSE. EFFING. ORDER. and then uploads them in html so I have no idea what I'm captioning and therefore must make a little list in a Word document to keep track of everything. Maybe there are some Blogger tricks I don't know about. But right now, I know for sure I'd have already posted the pics from Kate and Anna's trip if Blogger weren't hell bent on making photo uploading less fun than going to the dentist.

And if you've read my previous posts on my recent experiences in dentistry, you'll know that was a low, dirty blow to Blogger. Sorry dude, I had to go there.


  1. Do you use Blogger in Draft? It's super helpful and I think you can change over to it on your Dashboard. Also, you can upload files directly to your Picasa Web Albums which is easy. Or even easier if you have Picasa on your computer.

  2. I don't think I use Blogger in draft, if it's an update that has happened recently I haven't taken advantage of it- I will have to look into it! And I've been meaning to download Picasa ever since one of the bloggers i read mentioned how much she loved it... thank you so much for the suggestions, I'll be researching this!