Monday, August 30, 2010


Jo and I booked it and arrived in Chicago a full day before we originally planned. Saturday afternoon was spent grocery shopping, taking much needed showers, driving around and seeing the various neighborhoods of interest, and then walking about a mile to get some delicious Thai food and bubble tea shakes.

I have tons of pics already just from Sunday and today- Jo lives right in the middle of downtown, you can see Millenium Park from the sidewalk in front of her high rise- but unfortunately she doesn't have internet in her apartment, so I'm composing this from the business center. I have all week here and then Bobby is here all Labor Day weekend, so I'm sure there will be tons of posts loaded with pictures once we arrive safely home in Colorado.

Until then, know that Chicago is way cooler than I expected. It is also cleaner, more laid back, the downtown area is much more dense than I thought it would be, and it really reminds me a lot of the little town where I lived in Japan. I can't *quite* put my finger on why, but I'm sure the high rises, generous sidewalks, and copious foot traffic are all parts of it.

For now I'm off to shower away my 4 hours of solo city wandering. This post started with a shower reference, so may as well bookend it with one.

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