Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have lots of pictures coming- Kate and Anna visited for a week and we were super busy, and then the very day after they left Bobby and I headed down to Kansas to meet up with my Mom and Granny driving up from Texas so we could all visit my Great Granny. We got in late last night, scarfed down some nice, light veggie sushi, and crashed out. I spent all day today unpacking, organizing, cleaning, doing dishes, and doing laundry- all the way down to our sheets, guest sheets, and every single napkin/dishcloth/towel in the house. In between that I read and wrote for class, read and took notes for one internship, and acquainted myself with the responsibilities of my second internship. Oh, and went through the photos of aforementioned visiting and weeded them out a bit.

Looking forward to getting back in a routine, and first on the list is hitting the gym tomorrow. More photos/less words coming soon...


  1. I suddenly have a major urge to clean house... haha. Busy busy! Looking forward to your photos :D

  2. Clean houses feel *so* good. Definitely worth the work!