Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Short Story about Seeking Government Employment

For the past 4 months or so I've been traveling everywhere, writing my thesis, and furiously job searching. Since I've landed back in Dallas however, I've found the pickin's to be mighty slim. As luck would have it though, the Constitution of a little place called the USA happens to call for a census to be taken. Apparently the US Marshalls used to take it, but that was eventually deemed a little intimidating, so they've been recruiting citizens ever since. That's how I found myself sitting in a rec center downtown-ish, applying to work for the government by going door to door and asking questions of the people answering said doors.

Let's just say it was... an interesting bunch. There were about 6 of us, and unfortunately a few couldn't read the map, which is arguably an important skill for traveling about unfamiliar neighborhoods. And then the actual process- the government is still using pens and papers and manila folders ya'll. I think we *might* save a little extra money by going digital, but hey, that's just me- I love technology, and unlike Timberlake, I am *not* tired of using it. So, the whole ordeal was weird, socially awkward, and we were seated in a side gym with huge poster board butterflies hanging from the ceiling above us, and a fake wood fire next to us. But in the end I aced the test, and hopefully that plus my supervisory experience plus my grad degree and the fact that I don't have a felony will earn me a spot on the team. It's actually a pretty decent job for a temporary, part-time hourly gig at $17-$19 an hour, so I'm hoping I can keep this up through the spring and pair it with a real full time job. I'd like to take this moment to give a shout out to having no debt, and only car/health insurance and a cell phone to pay for. It's awesome, and without it I'd probably be too stressed out/insane/wandering the streets crying to be able to spend time making thoughtful blog posts like this one :)

Moral of the story- government jobs pay well, but are sought after by strange people. Also you should strive to live debt free in case you are ever unemployed. Perhaps an addendum to the moral of the story is that rec centers make questionable decor choices.

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