Saturday, December 5, 2009

Abruptly Back in Texas

I am so far behind on this little blog I'm not even going to try and apologize for it. I'll get around to posting eventually I'm sure, but first a quick update- while in Seattle Jess texted me with a little change in plans..

Ok, wait, let's just stop for a moment. Right above me, "texted" is underlined in red. Seriously blogger? Can you maybe dip your toe into the 21st century and recognize totally commonplace things like texting? Oh, wow, texting is "misspelled" as well, because clearly such a thing as a text message doesn't exist. Nice. Why don't you go jump in your dune buggy with your hoop skirt and take a nice Sunday drive blogger. Clearly you can't handle 2009

... sorry. Anyway, there was a change in plans. Jess's sister had sublet the room I was staying in beginning Dec. 1st, and as a result I would need to leave about two weeks early. I then realized it would be pointless to leave November 30th and miss Thanksgiving by a mere 4 days, so I got with the boy and planned out a surprise homecoming road trip. After three days of hard driving we made it back at 2 a.m. Thanksgiving morn, and I walked into the house full of family while I was talking to my Grandma on the phone "from California" ;) It was a good day. But ever since
then I've been working on my thesis, which is due in two days. So, with 4 pages left before I'm officially a master of something I'll leave you with a little Thanksgiving leftovers- everything minus the turkey, though, gross.

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