Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

I'm very happy, but very tired.

Yeah, that sums up this holiday season pretty nicely :)

It was BUSY. I packed up and left California to slide into home in the single digits of Thanksgiving morning. I then stitched a ton of research into what I think was a pretty awesome thesis, graduated a week before Christmas, and then Dallas had its first white Christmas Eve ever while we all celebrated. The snow was still on the ground for Christmas day and the trip home to see Mammy and Granny. In between all that I've been applying and applying and applying for jobs, making scarves from my yarn stash for Christmas presents, and reading lots of news and getting generally pissed off at the collective ignorance of the American people. "Santa" got me running shoes, and I'll be training for my first 10K come January 1st, so at least while I'm currently unemployed I won't be totally glued to my computer applying for jobs and reading Huff Post, CNN, BBC :)

I'm still homeless and jobless, but thank God debtless, so all in all with my side hustles I'm still managing to cook up lots of good vegan/vegetarian yummies, and delight in feeding them to unsuspecting friends- vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies were my gifts this year, case in point. I also dug out some pink, purple, and red hair dye I've been meaning to use for the last 9 months and threw that into the mix. It was my plan to reverse psychologize the universe into throwing a job interview my way, forcing me to then use my box of brown hair dye in a mad scramble to be presentable for said interview.

That plan hasn't worked yet, but I'll keep you guys posted.

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  1. Hahahaha that was hilarious. I had a good laugh.

    Thanks, m'dear :) Get yourself some rest!