Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Leaving Texas- Oct 3rd: Santa Fe

From the time you hit New Mexico until you end up in Santa Fe, it's pretty much open, beautiful space punctuated with really cheesy, slightly trashy truck stops/gift shops... Exhibit A:

But seriously, some of the most beautiful country to drive through- I gave up trying to get a good picture, we were driving, it was blurry, and there was just so much of the sky and the landscape that the impact was lost on my little camera- I did the best I could.

We got to Santa Fe around 5 p.m., unloaded our things in the hotel, and then kind of crashed for a much needed hour of sleep after the previous night's sleep in a cold tent. We went out for some of the best Indian food I've ever had, and just spent the evening walking around downtown.

Downtown Santa Fe is amazing- packed full of local businesses all surrounding a beautiful historic square and a gorgeous Catholic church is right down the street from it- bear in mind my little camera, at night it takes pictures that are either fuzzy and yellow like the one above, or washed out with the flash like the one below...
I was pretending to be in jail, but this was just a parking lot

Fall in the square

Here's where my little camera came through- we propped her up on a rock, set the timer, and just stayed veeeeeeeeery still. Santa Fe was great- full of art, clean and lively downtown, great food, beautiful natural scenery. And we were especially grateful for the hotel to sleep in :)

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  1. Golden Girls for life! Haha.

    Thanks :) Let me know how it turns out!