Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leaving Utah- Oct 12th: Hot Springs in Provo!

Bobby is mildly obsessed with the hot springs at Diamond Fork, so on our way out of Salt Lake City to continue on to L.A. we decided we had to stop there- we had actually tried earlier in the week, but there were 35 cars parked at the trail head, and only 3 pools at the top, and no thank you to being that close to naked strangers. So this was try two. Started off with good weather, that's a plus!

You know it's off the beaten path when people herd their cattle over the road

Almost there- the road gets really narrow, and it's windy, and I was a little creeped out.

So, the hot springs are frequented by people who like to enjoy hot springs the Japanese way- naked. In fact, the sign at the trail head even says it's not illegal to be naked, just use judgment. This sign should give you and idea of the popularity of the springs.

We also passed two different men, at different times, walking back down the trail nude.

Right after that, we ran into a young couple- seriously, like 19 or 20- both with wedding rings and covered up waaaaaay more than anyone else we'd seen. They warned us that everyone was naked, and it was "totally inappropriate and weird". Thanks guys. But perhaps someone should have warned *you* that you'd probably be seeing such things :)

Let me take a moment to say this trail is LONG- almost three miles it seems- and very steep.

But the leaves and the weather made it worth it. Plus we were about to be in a car for three days, I was grateful for the exercise.

At last! We get there, and no one else is there. We are so lucky...

or so we thought, until the naked dude we'd passed on the way up came back once he realized we were here for a soak : / It was weird. He was "water hiking" totally naked up and down the river. Mind you, I'm cool with him being naked, but not cool with the creepy stalker thing of coming back when he'd already left, and not leaving us alone. He was harmless but annoying.

So I just totally ignored him and enjoyed the hot springs. It worked well.

I think naked dude is to my left out of frame, with smears of mud on his bare ass where he'd fallen a few times. Sigh.

Bobby took it all in stride.

We got out, got dried off, and then naked dude told us to hike further up the trail for a double waterfall. I briefly wondered if he had made a trap for us, but we went anyway- and ta-da! He was right! Thanks naked dude!

We hike the almost three miles back down, and Bobby almost fell into the river taking this picture of me.

And then we hopped in the car, off to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon!


  1. Yeehaaa! So glad it worked out for you :)

  2. It was touch and go for a while with naked dude, but hey, it takes all kinds right? :)