Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last week, having nothing better to do, I logged into my myspace account for the first time in a year to read over my old blog. I resisted myspace as long as I could, but by January of '06 I had been in Japan for 4 of the 12 months I would be living there, and it was clear myspace was my best bet for communicating with friends. Plus, thanks to the blog feature, I could just update whatever nonsense I thought was important enough to talk about, and I knew everyone could read it. I didn't even have to e-mail anyone, it was laziness in communication to the extreme!

Anyway, perusing those old posts made me realize a) when I commit to writing consistently, I'm pretty good at it and b) when I commit to consciously *seeing* and *experiencing* things in my daily life, there are plenty of things to write about. So, I figured that with the move to Colorado I would have a pretty good motivation to commit to writing more on this blog. If anything, it's good practice. Most of the people that read this blog- family, a handful of friends- don't comment as a habit, so it can sometimes feel like I'm writing to myself, but so be it. I like to write, writing likes me, and I'll soon have more obviously write-about-worthy things going on. Like I said, I'm sure I could write more now, it's just not as apparent. A move, a change of scenery, and a new adventure will all be good source material.

So, my dear blog, I commit to you more fully. I promise I'll stop dropping in randomly after weeks of no communication. That's no way to have a relationship. I'll try to be better, I promise.

For now, I did dishes for the first time in a week about an hour ago, and the moldy cranberry bread toast remnants I found sandwiched between my sink and a dirty plate were traumatic enough in the cleaning process to require an immediate shower. So off I go. G'night kittens.

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