Monday, May 24, 2010

Officially in Colorado!

I've been here a week and a day, and I finally have time to update this thing.

We got into town last Sunday night, and Monday I woke up sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. Thanks for welcoming me to Colorado stomach flu, you're a real peach. I didn't feel better until Wednesday afternoon, but after that I still had a lingering blech feeling due to some altitude sickness, adjusting to the time/temperature/light change as well, and oh yes, also realizing I had just moved across three states with Bobby. Of course, I realized it before, but doing it really brought it home... or... away from home as the case may be.

Bobby had been here for a month but wanted my input on setting things up, plus we brought a station wagon full of the rest of my stuff, so I spent Wed, Thurs, and Fri unpacking/cleaning/organizing, and then on Saturday we hit up the thrift stores for living room furniture. I'm just going to say, we scored an awesome haul, and our entire set up- two loveseats, chair, and wooden bookshelf- all came in under $50. Puuuurrfect.

Right now, I'm too lazy to deal with Blogger's annoying way of making uploading photos the most laborious task on the planet, so posts with more photos and less words will be coming shortly. For now, I'm exhausted, my teeth STILL. HURT. DANGIT. and it's time to be asleep :)

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