Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waiting Room

First of all, the Fugazi song that shares the title of this blog post is awesome. You should hear it if you haven't yet.

Second of all, pertaining to the actual content of this blog post, I'm getting antsy to move up. Bobby found an apartment that not only met all of our requirements- some very specific- but also pulled out all the stops with random details of awesome that were just gravy on top of a pan of hot biscuit apartment perfection. Some key points- it's only 2 miles from his job so he can bike to work, in the relative safety of a bike lane *that lane that Texans think is where they can pass people- no. no. no.* It's less than a mile from our gym, it's on the second floor, has a laundry room and full washer and dryer, is a two bedroom, and you can see the mountains and the heated pool from our balcony. Also, it's randomly huge, ridiculously new/nice, and right around what apartments costs are here in Dallas. Plus, he got up to Colorado safely Monday night/early Tuesday morning, saw the place Tuesday afternoon, and was all signed up and moved in by Wednesday afternoon. And the only thing that broke was my bright yellow mixing bowl, but it was overly large and was rarely used, so I'd say it wasn't really a loss.

I'm still camping out on my air mattress- it is so comfortable, I never want to get out of bed- and enjoying the wide open spaces in my apartment. This weekend is a huge 9th annual b'day party for one of my friends, a gathering that draws members of our tribe from hours away for what is usually a full weekend of celebrations, so I get to see pretty much everyone before I head to Colorado. Right now I'm just trying to spend as much time as can with as many people as possible, and so far I'm doing a good job. But mostly I miss Bobby and I really can't wait to get up to Colorado and see what this next year will bring.

But for now, I went back to the dentist to get drilled and filed *again* on a few of the 8 cavities he filled, so I think the immediate future holds a painpill and an early bedtime.


  1. Well, I actually "lol-ed" when I read your comment, so I guess that makes us both A-holes haha.

    Here's to movin' on up in the world!

  2. Haha, I laughed out loud writing it, so I guess my assholish-ness is still firmly in place as well :)