Monday, April 26, 2010

I Got 99 Problems and They're All My Teeth

So, in preparation for the big move I hit up my gyno and a dentist to get checked from head to toe while I still had insurance. I went to the gyno for a full inspection, I peed in a cup, they drew my blood, and then refilled my Retin-A and birth control. I'm perfectly healthy and I now have my prescriptions for the next year. The next and final stop was a dentist. Now, I had 4 cavities filled and 6 sealed back in July, and ever since then I have religiously flossed TWICE daily, so this was more of a "I need to get my teeth cleaned" kind of thing. So, I just went to the place down the street from me, the guy that cleaned Puppy Bob's teeth. Nice dentist, nice office, nice dental assistants.

So, I go in for a teeth cleaning, smugly expecting congratulations on my perfectly flossed awesome teeth... and instead I'm told I have EIGHT cavities. WHAT. THE. HELL. He tells me they were probably already starting last July, after I tell him I've lost all faith in flossing upon hearing that with the exception of one they are all in between my teeth. Anyway, he says "we can do it all today" so my tooth cleaning turns into a 3 hour marathon of dentistry. I leave, go home, and sleep all day.

That was over two weeks ago, and my teeth have been killing me. Bringing me to tears when I eat. Feeling like I'm chewing cold rocks when I'm eating room temperature soft bread. It was awful. I went back in last Wednesday to have my bite adjusted- aka to have my fillings sanded down- but this last weekend two separate meals brought me to tears. So, I went in *again* today, had my bite re-adjusted, and he re-did two fillings. My dentist was super nice about the whole thing, and the two followup visits I didn't have to pay anything, even though this last one- this morning, in fact- one of the fillings he re-did wasn't even one he did in the first place. So, I'm thinking positive thoughts and popping lots of ibuprofen. In the meantime, I'm starving. But I'm not quite ready to chance eating yet, so instead I think I'll take a nap.

Other than my teeth, everything has been awesome. I've been hanging out with friends and family, sorting through my apartment, and tomorrow I start my 4 day training for the Census job. It gets to come with me to Colorado, so I'm excited I have a job before I even get there. I'm also interested to meet the other people at training. After my experience with the test and the interview let's just say I'm expecting some interesting people.

Ok, goodnight. My teeth are starting to wake up from the shots and I want to be asleep when they do.


  1. I need to do this before I move (and switch insurance) - but my dentist just is no longer on my plan. I hate to start at a new dentist just to switch, but I really am do for a cleaning. Of course I keep saying I need two straight weeks of daily flossing before I go... I'm never going to make it to the dentist at this rate!

  2. I swear to you, when he told me "oh, you have 8 cavities" I didn't believe it, and when he finished with saying they were all in between my teeth I just thought "okie doke, flossing, you're going into that corner of my brain with unicorns and Santa Claus". I actually really love getting my teeth cleaned, but you're right, the insurance issue is a pain :(