Friday, April 2, 2010

Broken Promises

I swore to myself I would never have a picture of a cupcake on my blog. Look, I have nothing against cupcakes, but I really don't get why they're such a *thing* in the past year. I really like (vegan) cupcakes, but I'm one to balk at random trends, and so that led me to the cupcake promise of early '09, where I swore I would never a) take a picture of a cupcake or b) post said picture on facebook/blog.

That promise to myself is broken.

So, the story is that a huge, HUGE, awesome Whole Foods opened up two shakes of a lamb's tail down the street from me. And they have a vegan cupcake bar. And they were amazing. Puppy Bob and I went there on our last snow day of the winter- seriously Texas, way to pull a white winter out of nowhere, you never cease to amaze me- about two weeks ago....

I'm sorry early '09 self...


yeah here's a pictures of a cupcake. Ok, TWO PICTURES.

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