Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Heads Up Would Have Been Neat

I have never worked in a building with a parking garage. Dallas has very little use for them, in general.

My new schedule has me at the veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery last shift. I'm literally walking down the halls in the dark, waiting for elevators with the lobby illuminated only by the button I pressed to summon them, etc. There are security guards *everywhere* and *everything* is filmed, but it's still total creepsaucemcghee.com kind of shit.

Anyway, I'm trying to exit the parking garage. I go to my normal exit. Both East and West are gated, with huge imposing STOP signs posted across them covering the whole gate. I panic, back up, turn around, and go to another exit. This one is a one lane exit I have never used before, it goes up a hill and around an unknown corner. I swipe my badge to get out, turn the corner- another gate! EGADS I AM LE TRAPPED IN THE UNDERGROUND OH NOES! So, I try to back out, but the machine won't take my card. So I'm stuck between the little toll bridge divider and the gate of perceived impenetrability. Why "perceived" you ask? Oh, you know, because I freaked out, called my friend and co-worker Ryan, said "I'm trapped underground!!" then called the security guard, who calmly informed me "ma'am, if you just pull up reaaaaaaaaally close, it will automatically open".



Let me just say, for the record, it would have been nice to have been informed. I had a mini heart attack thinking of how stupid I was to get stuck, and instead, I was stupid for thinking I *was* stuck.



Ok. Good night. Oh, everything else with work is awesome. Other than unexpected and deceptively foreboding gates. Everything else.


  1. Haha I love how you tied all of that together at the end of the comment. Too silly :) I feel like I've already got the "housewife without kids" down to a science. Once you're there, it's the next step.

    Good luck with your next parking garage adventure! I get lost in them all the time in LA...plus I'm paying for every second I'm lost in there. Tricky bastards haha.

  2. That is one good thing- my parking is free, so my stupidity with the parking garage is as well, lol