Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't Ask a Question if You Can't Handle the Answer

I don't understand how people can ask intrusive questions, preface or end those questions with insults/jokes about the topic at hand (something personal about yourself) and then when you give your opinion or reason as to doing/saying/thinking ________ that they aggressively questioned you on, they inevitably get pissed when you say something they don't agree with. A lot of times I don't even go in to it, because it's usually about my being a feminist, or a vegan, or a gay rights activist, or why I don't smoke/drink,or most superficially, about how I wear sunscreen every day and avoid tanning like the plague.

But you know what? Why am *I* the one being polite? They're the ones with all the questions and jokes, shouldn't I oblige them with an answer? I think so. Let's take the tanning example...

The next time someone pokes fun at me for how pale I am, tells me I look sickly, tells me I look like I never go outside, and then tells me I should get a tan/asks me why I don't tan, my answer will be this:

"I think we look most attractive the color we were born with, tanning is sold in our youth obsessed culture as being young and sexy when it actually ages you and gives you premature wrinkles, it can cause cancer, and, oh yeah, most people I know that use tanning beds or bake in the sun look like Oompa Loompa leather hand bags".

Here's the deal- don't ask someone a question, poke fun at them, and then get all affronted when they, you know, explain why they are the way they are and it happens to rub you the wrong way.

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