Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Under the Thumb Double of the Beauty Media Onslaught

Apparently, Megan Fox's thumb didn't pass muster to appear in the commercial she appeared in during the Super Bowl.

So, they got a thumb double, a hand model's thumb.

Because someone is only beautiful if every last thing on them is perfect...

Even if every last thing on them is a patchwork amalgamation of lighting and makeup and body/thumb doubles and airbrushing and perfect angles and editing.

I am tired.


  1. I'm so glad we found each other!! (I'm Erin from ThatWife).

    So we are watching The Superbowl, this commercial comes on, and I roll my eyes. My husband asks, "Am I supposed to know who this is?" He thought it was just a random commercial actress! I tell him her name, sight her movie(s), and then laugh that I have to explain to my husband who Megan Fox is! I heard this thumb story on the radio this morning, and I went to tell it to him, but he'd already forgotten who she was. The points just keep adding up!! (And totally ridiculous to get a hand double!).

  2. I'm glad we found each other as well! I so love the weirdness of ThatWife, in how all of us from all walks of life so love coming there and discussing random things :)

    And my partner said the same thing about her- he had no idea who she was, and when I said Megan Fox he was surprised, because he knows her but didn't recognize her. Probably that damn thumb double throwing him off! ;)

  3. Haha wow...that's an interesting combination. I almost want to make it vegan!

    Thank you, too :) I'm hoping I win the contest...I just need to drum up some votes.

  4. What? I'm totally going to watch this commercial again. How ridiculous.

  5. What? a thumb model? What is the matter with us that we are so concerned with ever single inch of our bodies?

  6. thumb model? hilarious!

    hey, i actually clicked over to your blog from blue-eyed bride's post on blogging. i had read your comment which i agreed with (and in which you mentioned me and my blog in). i want you to know i do not censor any of my comments-- the good, the bad, the snarky-- they all get posted. also, i don't ask my readers to defend me when i get a comment that might not be the greatest. usually if someone starts to try to back me in the comment section i feel even more stupid. because since i've chosen to continue to blog a portion of my life publicly, i am aware that people won't care for it and i think that is just fine. everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    i guess i should let you know that the over the top kind and generous comments have often bothered me just as much as a snarky one. i think people forget that it's just a blog sometimes... and that bothers me. but frankly, whether it's a kind comment or a nasty one, i don't base my life or my perspective on myself off of what someone writes in a comment box. and i guess i just wanted to hop over here to let you know that.

    have a great week! thanks for helping me think about this a bit more too!

  7. Ah! I hope you know I wasn't trying to make fun of *you*- I seriously do love your blog and check it daily. I'm glad you understand where I was coming from on the public life persona thing.

  8. oh I know you weren't trying to make fun of me dear! you were so sweet with your how you voiced your opinion and I agreed WITH you.... i just wanted to come here and comment to be sure you knew how I felt too on the matter, since you used me as a reference. anyway, sorry for the delay. I have been terribly out of the loop this month with my emails/ comment responses!