Friday, May 22, 2009

Jazz Under the Stars

The Dallas Museum of Art has a summer concert series called Jazz under the Stars. They block off the side street and everyone brings picnic blankets, food, drinks, puppies, dates, babies, whatever they need for a good picnic. It's free and you just show up, find a spot, and enjoy being downtown in the middle of the arts district, enjoying good music and great *for now* weather

We didn't bring picnic blankets this time- it was kind of an impromptu thing, so we opted for the curb on this trial run. Next time though, picnic blankets all around! Oh, I should probably also apologize for all of these pictures being blurry and our faces looking crazy- it was dusky and the sun was setting, so the flash made everything look washed out, and no flash was blurry, so we opted for the latter.

I love how pale I am. My legs should be friends with those blind cave fish. They'd have a lot in common. Like no wrinkles and an aggressive commitment to flouting arbitrary Western beauty standards of tan skin... wait... that has nothing to do with anything really.

Then we decided to go play in the Trammel Crow sculpture garden across from the Nasher- you could still hear the concert, but no one was over there. This is at the foot of the Buddha fountain.

Blurry lights of downtown at the top of the Buddha fountain in the sculpture garden.

J-Ben and Pizzle, love love love love love

So I kicked off my shoes and thought I'd get some good pictures with one of my favorites, the archer. For a brief moment I was afraid that he'd fall over and crush me, and thus I would be punished for crawling on the art, but that didn't happen. This led me to believe I could do whatever I wanted, and nothing bad would happen...

but then the night security at the Trammel Crow sculpture garden started giving us the stink eye. We got the shots though, so it's all good. It's much more difficult to crawl up on sculptures for photo ops during the day. Oh night time. You're the right time.

On the walk home we decided we definitely needed Carmine's pizzeria and root beer. Necessity.
Hi there pretty thing. You're coming with me.

Then we waited for the train and killed time reading the Dallas Observer and counting crazies. The crazies are like the spice to public transportation. They make the whole thing a little bit better. It was a good night :)

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