Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jazz Under the Stars, Part Two

We're pretty

Cousin Mel, Cousin Mel's husband Josh, and beautiful baby boy Jacob
This was his face on his first ride on the DART rail. Due to pictures not having sound effects, you can't hear him saying "YAY TRAIN!"
Here's a picture that could *probably* be used as proof that I'm a raging alcoholic. And maybe based on that idea one could infer that I got totally wasted, and of course one could logically assume that I then had sex with a bum in the sculpture garden downtown, after which I got arrested for prostitution AND drug running because he paid me for my services with an 8 ball!!

Of course, the real story is that this is me being funny, acting pretentious and holding a wine glass before returning to drinking my 7-Up and playing with my baby cousin. Then he drank all my 7-Up. Babies are greedy. But they're cute. So it works out.

I'm really loving these concerts at the DMA. Ok, mostly I'm really loving summer. But this is a great part of it so far.
I'll see you soon Mom and Granny!

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