Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Years

This is a necklace of dried carnations. Bobby and I each received one on our first date, two years ago today, at Kalachandji's, a fabulous vegetarian restaurant with a beautiful Krishna temple adjoining. We ate our food out in the courtyard, and afterward we padded, barefoot, around the temple. Two Krishna devotees- one Jewish, one Catholic, neither feeling any strife between their respective religions and Lord Krishna- pushed threaded needles through fresh pink and red carnations, making our necklaces for us while they talked about divine consciousness and supreme love. We wore the carnations out of the temple, and kept them on at the coffee shop where we ended the night. Our second date wouldn't happen until almost a month and a half later, and after that we would date one another while dating other people for almost 6 months before making things official and exclusive. But that first date started it all, even though, admittedly, I wasn't sure on the first date that there would be an "all" between us.

We didn't have a love at first sight kind of first date, but I'm glad things worked out the way they did between us. After months of dating and friendship I was sure of the kind of person he was before we began a serious relationship. When I moved up to Colorado last May, I saw that string of carnations hanging in our closet. Mine had been crushed in an interim move to my little downtown efficiency, but Bobby's was still in perfect condition, and we both see it every day in our shared closet. We're not traditionally romantic- Valentine's Day is about as important to us as any random day of the year, and our beginnings are quirky and a bit odd to say the least- but in little things like this our sentimentality comes out.

Today was a quiet Sunday, spent eating a late breakfast and checking out the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Museum of Art downtown. Later tonight is a veggie sushi feast at our favorite place, Mt. Fuji. Altogether a very good day :)

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