Thursday, February 3, 2011

Change of Plans, Change of Clothes

When we were planning on visiting Egypt and Jordan, I was planning on packing long dresses and loose pants, long sleeved, loose shirts, and a few scarves to cover my head. Now that we're going somewhere tropical involving a lot of water, the packing is going to go a bit differently. Bobby needs swim trunks, I need some board shorts, and we're trying to scramble to get them before we leave tomorrow morning. I'm not the biggest fan of shopping in general, but swim suits are such a hassle to get anyway. Ideally I'd get board shorts and a rash guard- the t-shirt swim top you see fair people or surfers wearing- but so far, in snowy, cold Colorado in February, those are understandably not easy to come by. The last time I ventured into the land of summer clothes was back in 2009, looking for board shorts and swim tops...

I tried board shorts on over shorts (I despise dressing rooms). I also despise shorts- other than that plaid pair, I never wear them and don't own any.
And when I couldn't find a swim top, I gave up, tried on stupid hats, and acted like a fool for my friend's boyfriend, who was newly in America for the first time and was accompanying me on this ill fated trip.

I guess I'm trying to say, I'm not good at this. We're hitting up Kohl's tonight since Bobby has been going to the hot tub all summer in gym shorts, and fingers crossed I can find some sort of swimming outfit conducive to being active and snorkeling/swimming/hiking around islands.


  1. You are just precious! I love the shoes!

  2. I love my chucks! I wear 'em almost every day :)