Friday, December 3, 2010

Salt Lake City Thanksgiving Trip: Last Day and Temple Square Lights

Our last full day in SLC was Saturday. Jen was in the kitchen bright and early with Jacob, making a blueberry pie from scratch before she had to go in to work. He was in the kitchen a lot with her, and he loved it.

All ready to go in the oven! He's so proud.

He drank some of the leftover lemon juice. I laugh every time I see this picture- he's trying so hard to maintain a smile but that stuff is sour. Jen added sugar to it and he was over the moon.

We all went out to lunch after Jen went to work. I was hanging out with Tyler to let Mel and Josh eat their dessert. Plus, I haven't gotten to see him since he was a newborn, and now he's 6 months old. The next time I see him in May, he'll be a year old and walking!

All of us minus Jen and Damon at lunch.

Jen ended up being home by the time we got home, because her boss was awesome and sent her home after only a few hours. The boys played with Tyler on the couch...

and of course here we all are in the kitchen. It was a good place to hang out.

All this Tyler time was totally worth getting sick for 4 straight days as soon as I got home. Definitely worth it. Look at that face!

Bobby and I were leaving the next morning so I wanted to get a group shot. No one remembered to clear off/move the table so... just ignore that part :)

Seeing the lights on Temple Square was also on my to-do list, so we all headed out while Jen and Damon watched the kids. It was so pretty.

We woke up early Sunday morning and started our long drive home. The roads were pretty clear most of the way.

And we got a gorgeous snowy sunset. The last two hours were a bit rough, as it really started to snow hard and we were on smaller highway, but we made it home just in time. As I said above, I woke up SICK Monday, and by Tuesday I was a shaky, coughing, feverish snot zombie. Wednesday was not much better, Thursday marginally so, and just today I'm feeling back to normal. I'm so glad I didn't get sick in Salt Lake! I'm not going home to Texas for Christmas, so this was my holiday season family get together. It was a great trip and I'm really glad we were able to make it despite all the crazy weather predictions.


  1. Ooh la la, Salt Lake certainly does Christmas decorating right. Pretty!

  2. Yes they do! It was a winter wonderland downtown :)

  3. Oh, I miss Salt Lake City for Christmas. Sad I won't be going there this year.

    I just saw my neice and nephew for the first time over Thanksgiving and I'm so sad that next time I see them, they probably won't remember me! So sad, which I could see them more.

  4. Oh, I feel you- I was able to be near my cousin's first baby for the first 3 years of his life, but with the second I moved to Colorado 10 days after he was born, and haven't seen him again until now. When I see him again, he'll be one! It's hard to miss out on so much so I try and absorb all the baby I can when we're around each other.