Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I had an epically bad break-up a few years back. Epically bad not because of the break-up in and of itself, but because of the nuclear fallout of bullshit, lies, and rumors that swirled around it for about two years after, culminating in a grand explosion of family and relationship drama with a storyline twist and surprise ending that could rival the best soap operas and cheesiest reality shows. The final twist did not, at all, involve me, but everyone assumed it did- and actually assumed I was somehow the twisted architect of all of it. Yeah. Maybe someday I'll tell you all about it. It's hilarious, in hindsight. Anyway, while it's all cleaned up and neat and tidy now, there is one lingering vestige of that time that remains...


Yeah, I know, that makes no sense, right? Here's the deal. The ex's oldest sister- whom I had never been close with, but whom I respected for being what seemed like a super mom- was into coupon shopping. Like, the CVS game I get things for free and get paid to shop I'm a master of home finances kind of coupon shopper. And the second oldest sister, with whom I was, at one time pre-nuclear fallout, quite close, introduced me to the coupon skills of the oldest. This overlapped, about a year later, with the epic storyline twist explosive ending of my relationships with everyone in their family, save one of my still closest friends, the youngest sister. But... that oldest sister? She writes a great coupon blog ya'll. So, I still check it. At first, I felt weird. But it's a public blog, intended for public use, so I say, whatever. I'm also lazy and don't want to clutter up my own blog roll, so I just use her links to other sites for more said coupon deals. Chick knows her shit, I gotta give her that. In fact, when I've taught coupon gaming to others, I've specifically recommended her blog because it rocks. I'm pretty sure oldest sister hates my guts, but I still respect her skills in this area. So, I don't feel bad for reading it. Should I? Is that weird?

(Oh, and of course now you all know I'm one of those people with the coupons...hope you don't think less of me.)


  1. I've always known you were one of "those" people with the coupons. And you shouldn't feel bad for reading a public blog and using some of her ideas. You shouldn't feel bad mostly because you always reference people to her blog. And because you have so many readers a lot of those will follow that link and check out her blog. So you are getting her new readers by doing this.

    This is why you shouldn't feel bad for still reading it.

  2. Thanks Henry, that makes me feel better :) I think a part of me was worried about being labeled a "weirdo stalker" or something. I just didn't want to go through the trouble of replacing my awesome source of blog info when I had a perfectly good one. Albeit written by someone I have a weird past with. I think most people would, on principle, be all "screw her after what I went through!" or whatever, but I am incapable of holding grudges. So, instead I'm like "meh, she thinks I'm a terrible human being, what can you do, she has a good blog", lol.

  3. I am fascinated and impressed by coupon skills. So, I guess I think more of you.

  4. If you were stalking her and reporting on her on-goings in a snarky way, then I would probably think that was odd. Coupon skillz, on the other hand, I don't think is odd. Just my two cents.