Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

Last Sunday Bobby and I got a tree. Neither of us had any kind of Christmas decorations when we moved up to Colorado, so the idea of having to get everything down to the ornament hooks almost dissuaded us. In the end though, we decided it would be nice to have a tree, since it would be our only holiday decoration. We started the day off by having a late breakfast downtown at Snooze, a place we usually ditch once we hear the waiting time. This day we were in luck- only 15 minutes.

Bobby, hitting Snooze.

Me, dreaming about pancakes.

This place was awesome. Well worth the wait. And maybe next time we'll wait longer now that we know how good it is.... maybe.

Bobby, looking shifty, drinking his whiskey cider at 11:30 a.m. I found this particularly hilarious because Bobby rarely drinks at all, so it was even more absurd that he chose to have a breakfast cocktail. But it was hot, so that makes it a breakfast drink, right?

At first, we tried to go all eco-friendly thrift store chic with our tree trimmings- but then when we realized the thrift stores (we checked 3) were selling craptastic dinged up ornaments for 3 times what Target sold them for, our frugality won out. We picked up the tree and base at Loew's, and then went across the parking lot to Target and got a box of 50 ornaments, multi-colored lights, and a star for under $30. I love buying second hand for lots of reasons but when it's MORE expensive for LESS quality, well, I'm not going to cling to principles blindly.

While Bobby built the base I queued up a She-Ra and He-Man holiday special. Thanks Hulu!

The tree, in its new home. The rest of the pictures speak for themselves- let the trimming begin!

Well, wait, maybe this needs explanation- I'm not giving the tree a haircut, I'm cutting the baling... ok, back to pictures!

I love how our tree turned out. It smells great, looks beautiful, and it makes me grateful for sunsets at 4:30. More time to enjoy the Christmas lights.


  1. You guys and your disgusting, insufferable, happiness and love make me sick. :'{

  2. Fun! The tree looks great, as do those pancakes. And I don't even like pancakes.

  3. I love you too Arielle :)

    Thanks Gogo! We're glad we decided to get one.

  4. I see TREK bikes in the background!! my favorite brand for biking is TREK! I don't like the prices!! $$. Tree looks nice!!


  5. Oh man, I know! We love them too but dislike them for the price as well. That's why both of ours were purchased used, off craigslist, for cash at about 1/5 their retail price. We let someone else take the depreciation hit :) Bobby rides his to work and home every day except during winter, and we like to go on long bike rides together on the weekends. We're those bike nerd people for sure!

    And that reminds me, I need to write a post about my bike- Bobby bought it from an... interesting seller, to say the least.

  6. Would love to hear your story from the seller! I'm also going to post about my bike I really need a new one. Going to Craigslist right now..

  7. Very purty tree! Though I don't know why you didn't just wave your hands in front of it. That totally worked for the Peanuts and they had a really bare tree compared to yours.

    I can't remember if I put this comment on your Facebook picture of you and Bobby, but I love that y'all are sitting in front of a sign that says "Trees are for Hugging." :)

  8. Mandy I *just now* saw this comment while tagging posts -because Blogger periodically deletes my contact e-mail for no reason- and I had a good long out loud laugh :)